Wednesday, June 24, 2009

... and the Men

Shin Jung Hyun recorded a few albums where he would have a guest singer sing shorter pop songs on Side 1 of the record and his band "The Men" providing the longer more psychedelic songs for Side 2 of the albums. This is the first of three albums recorded this way, and my favourite, "Jang Hyun and the Men". Jang Hyun was a popular Korean singer who sadly passed away in 2008. (More about Jang Hyun later.)

장현 And The Men (1972)

The album contained many Shin Jung Hyun classics like "Mi Lyeon"미련, "Seok Yang"석양, and "A Leum Da Un Gang San"아름다운 강산. The Men members are Shin Jung-Hyun (Lead guitar and vocal), Lee Tae-Hyun (Bass), Mun Yung-Bae (Drum), Son Hak-Rae (Saxphone,Oboe),
Kim Gi-Pyu (Organ) and Park Kwang-Su (Vocal).


  1. Thanks for the download! But for some reason I can't import the songs into my iTunes library. Do you know of any reasons why that would be the case?

  2. Hey there,

    I see that it's been awhile since you've made a post to this blog, and sadly your download link is now broken. I absolutely love 미련, and your blog is the only place where I've been able to find a link to 아름다운 강산 in its entirety.

    It's a long shot - this post was in 2009 after all, but if you get this message and my prayers, then I hope that you will show me where to find this wonderful album. The hits are on YouTube, but I need more!

    Thank you in advance, I hope this message finds you well.

  3. I'm not set up to record to digital at the moment. When I can I'll let you know

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